Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Creative Day

I have taken a break along with the children . SubhanaAllah as mothers our chores around the house never ends . Sometimes we work around the clock especially when we have a baby .More than anything all we need is patience and perseverance to continue . Children always seems to look upon their  parents to follow and to take them as role models in their early tender years of their life .So the one closes to them is the mother , we need to constantly improve and enrich our behaviour and manners . Home is the first school for the children .  First foremost reminder to my own self .

MashaAllah ds1 is training herself to go to toilet in the night . She feels embarrassed to do it in her nappy .  She says : ds2 (her sister) is a baby so she  is wearing a nappy , but i am a big girl . She is  very happy that her cousins are here and getting on with everything they do Alhamdulillah .

Today  the  children  came up with really creative idea all by themselves . They decided to have a pretend circus show .Firstly they made a very impressive poster with colourful drawings and urging people to come to their circus . They spend almost half the morning doing this and practising their performance .

They performed their show which wasn't very long but definitely very impressive .They got ds1 to sing tala al badur alaina...... with a drum . Then M did his juggling with orange and kiwi (not good idea ) . He did pretty well . J performed his handstand and certain other moves that he learnt in his gym lessons . Z and S (their cousins) were the presenters of the show . 

They made some  bookmakers Alhamdulillah . It is really satisfying and happy to see that they had spent their time worth while and certainly not getting bored .


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  1. asalamaoleyjum, what are bookmakers? the kids look really engrossed in the last photo mashaALlah, what are they doing?