Friday, 15 April 2011

we are back online

Welcome to our new and updated blog.

We hope to be posting new posts about we are doing in Saudi Arabia.

Look forward to your comments and hope you find it of interest.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Exciting Week

The boys had a real fun filled week .  Ds1 and ds2 were really  kept busy with  all excitement by the others .The boys  had good fun with the  Nintendo Wii  borrowed from their cousins . They baked some  cherry cakes and played many  board and pretend games .

The boys went for their football for the past two days . M and J have got a medal . J was really happy and over the  moon  , showing off his medals to everyone . This is the first medal he has ever won and a real boost to his confidence. He can be sometimes over shadowed by his highly achieving older brother. 

Their cousins have left today.  Our outings are restricted for obvious reasons that our 7 seater  has being  sold and dh takes the other car to work .
  Anyways the days are getting closer to leave to Jeddah . The empty cardboard boxes have   arrived which was ordered from ebay    . InshaAllah time to crack on with things . Dh has officially finished his job today . Busy day tomorrow inshaAllah.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Creative Day

I have taken a break along with the children . SubhanaAllah as mothers our chores around the house never ends . Sometimes we work around the clock especially when we have a baby .More than anything all we need is patience and perseverance to continue . Children always seems to look upon their  parents to follow and to take them as role models in their early tender years of their life .So the one closes to them is the mother , we need to constantly improve and enrich our behaviour and manners . Home is the first school for the children .  First foremost reminder to my own self .

MashaAllah ds1 is training herself to go to toilet in the night . She feels embarrassed to do it in her nappy .  She says : ds2 (her sister) is a baby so she  is wearing a nappy , but i am a big girl . She is  very happy that her cousins are here and getting on with everything they do Alhamdulillah .

Today  the  children  came up with really creative idea all by themselves . They decided to have a pretend circus show .Firstly they made a very impressive poster with colourful drawings and urging people to come to their circus . They spend almost half the morning doing this and practising their performance .

They performed their show which wasn't very long but definitely very impressive .They got ds1 to sing tala al badur alaina...... with a drum . Then M did his juggling with orange and kiwi (not good idea ) . He did pretty well . J performed his handstand and certain other moves that he learnt in his gym lessons . Z and S (their cousins) were the presenters of the show . 

They made some  bookmakers Alhamdulillah . It is really satisfying and happy to see that they had spent their time worth while and certainly not getting bored .


Monday, 16 February 2009

Off Lessons

Half term holiday this week .So their cousins have come over to spend the week with them .House packed with kids like a nursery .They are having   fun time . The boys went for football as it was cancelled many times due to snow .And their other classes are off . All of them together made rooms service for the adults in house . Designed a  menu  card ,priced it ,took orders and actually made the breakfast and tea.

Weathers improved and snows all melted so they played outside .Read books .
I've posted one of our lapbooks that we made before click here 

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

More History

M did more fractions today . We seem to be  doing a lot of history these days . We read about the new stone age and did some written work on it . The book we use is Galore park history junior , I find this book easy to teach and doesn't burden with too much information ,provides just enough for their age . Then he did his English Bond Assessment paper which i give him once a week .
J was more willing to do his lessons , he did his usual spelling practise  for Wednesday . I am not very  keen on starting grammar   for J , but wanted to try it so as  to see how he feels . We did few sentences to find out verbs in them . He was happy with it as he  felt he  was doing big boys work.
 J and Ds1 did some painting as it gave me  some time to read to  M from  his history text .

As you can see J has priced his paintings and asking me to buy his work . He has used cent instead of dollars because we use Singapore maths and in it things are priced in cents and dollars . It gave me  a chance to discuss and  compare prices as to which is cheaper and how much was $2 in cent etc . Alhamdulillah these  are the opportunity to teach that comes  naturally.
Then we watched some documentary about the people of Pompeii  from the angle of the historians and Islamic point of view . SubhanaAllah  no wonder the people of Pompeii were destroyed as they entrenched in corruption and immorality . In fact they were same as the people of Lut . We watched the Perished Nations by Haroon Yahya   and  The Last day  in BBC .

We finished  another life story of a sahabah  who was a cousin of our prophet - Abu Sufyan ibn Harith .

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Just Read

I watched a program on BBC last night on reading .
Just Read by Michael Rosen click here to view 
 It inspired me a lot  as i agree with  his approach to reading . I tried a different routine today and did more reading than before .
M did some work on fractions . Even though he does maths well and gets most of the answers right he lacks confidence in his own mathematical ability and hence immediately panics when presented with maths problem . More than working on maths  I  think  I should focus on his attitude towards it InshaAllah.
J did his maths test today and did extremely well .To my astonishment he got almost all  his word problems right . I read to them about Pompeii and it's people lifestyle and how the town was destroyed by the volcanic eruption. And had the opportunity to discuss Islamic history as well of how the people of Ad ,Thamud and people of Lut were destroyed for the wrong doings in the same way .
They listened to more audio tapes .
Then i read to them more from the "Our Island Story".
After that it was time to go out and play with their friends . They spent hours on end shawling the snow as if they were digging for gold  MashaAllah .

We finished the day with me reading the life of our beloved prophet's cousin Ja'far bin Abi Talib.