Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Just Read

I watched a program on BBC last night on reading .
Just Read by Michael Rosen click here to view 
 It inspired me a lot  as i agree with  his approach to reading . I tried a different routine today and did more reading than before .
M did some work on fractions . Even though he does maths well and gets most of the answers right he lacks confidence in his own mathematical ability and hence immediately panics when presented with maths problem . More than working on maths  I  think  I should focus on his attitude towards it InshaAllah.
J did his maths test today and did extremely well .To my astonishment he got almost all  his word problems right . I read to them about Pompeii and it's people lifestyle and how the town was destroyed by the volcanic eruption. And had the opportunity to discuss Islamic history as well of how the people of Ad ,Thamud and people of Lut were destroyed for the wrong doings in the same way .
They listened to more audio tapes .
Then i read to them more from the "Our Island Story".
After that it was time to go out and play with their friends . They spent hours on end shawling the snow as if they were digging for gold  MashaAllah .

We finished the day with me reading the life of our beloved prophet's cousin Ja'far bin Abi Talib.

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