Wednesday, 11 February 2009

More History

M did more fractions today . We seem to be  doing a lot of history these days . We read about the new stone age and did some written work on it . The book we use is Galore park history junior , I find this book easy to teach and doesn't burden with too much information ,provides just enough for their age . Then he did his English Bond Assessment paper which i give him once a week .
J was more willing to do his lessons , he did his usual spelling practise  for Wednesday . I am not very  keen on starting grammar   for J , but wanted to try it so as  to see how he feels . We did few sentences to find out verbs in them . He was happy with it as he  felt he  was doing big boys work.
 J and Ds1 did some painting as it gave me  some time to read to  M from  his history text .

As you can see J has priced his paintings and asking me to buy his work . He has used cent instead of dollars because we use Singapore maths and in it things are priced in cents and dollars . It gave me  a chance to discuss and  compare prices as to which is cheaper and how much was $2 in cent etc . Alhamdulillah these  are the opportunity to teach that comes  naturally.
Then we watched some documentary about the people of Pompeii  from the angle of the historians and Islamic point of view . SubhanaAllah  no wonder the people of Pompeii were destroyed as they entrenched in corruption and immorality . In fact they were same as the people of Lut . We watched the Perished Nations by Haroon Yahya   and  The Last day  in BBC .

We finished  another life story of a sahabah  who was a cousin of our prophet - Abu Sufyan ibn Harith .

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