Monday, 9 February 2009


Today M did the written recount of Hudhaifah Al Yaman.We have divided his life story into three parts . M did the first part almost himself and his sentence formation and fluency of writing has improved a significant amount . Doing this way I realized that we are  not only focusing  on Islamic history but also English Alhamdulillah.
J worked more on his lapbook on "All About Me".  He did word problems in Singapore maths and found it a bit challenging today . He seems to be  solving all the problems in the reverse order which is also correct but the problem is he uses his answer to write the statement . You know what i mean .....
They love  to  listen to   audio stories at lunch after which they went out to play . I  joined them a while later after putting the girls to sleep  for a game of badminton . We didn't play for a long time as it started to rain and the ground was quite slippery .

Then I had some quiet time  to read to the boys . We started this new history book which seems to be  popular and  easy to read as well, it's called "Our Island Story" by H.E Marshall. 
As I was not a great fan of history myself I am relearning it .Well ! English history is new to me anyway.

They had their football  lessons cancelled again due to snow today but they were at least happy to go for their  swimming lessons . Before the swimming lessons we had to dash to the library as we haven't been for ages . The boys were happy to get their hands on  new books .

M has started  reading a set of new fiction books in which the chapters are numbered in Roman Numerals  .He has not come across RN . So that  became an informal  lesson out of curiosity.
By bed time he had learned how to write up to  2000 with  some  help from  dh.

MashaAllah ds2 has learned to stand on her own over the weekend . Now all she does is practise just that .

Philosophical thinking done by someone but i like it .....
Olives are pressed for oil , fruits are squeezed for juice . Flowers are crushed for perfume. So if you feel pressured it's just Allah 's way of getting the best out of you :-)

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  1. Hmm..wonder where you got the philosophical thinking from!