Friday, 6 February 2009

More Craft

Today they got on with their normal work  pretty quickly and smoothly as they were very keen to finish and dash to the snow .

We finally finished our lapbook  on volcanoes(InshaAllah we'll post pictures of our work soon).J is working on another lapbook"About Me ".
He finds it really interesting and exciting  as it is all about himself.

Then I read to them about the  stone age and ice ages.We had previously watch some videos related to the topic ,so it was easy for me to discuss things with them .
The book does talk about  evolutionist and creationist .Generally in support of Darwin's theory of evolution .I think it is quite valuable to bring these topics  and  discuss so as to keep them  informed and explain the Islamic stance on these matters.
Alhamdulillah M grasped it well as he said to me the opposite is true-the monkey didn't change into man rather Allah changed man into apes when they disobeyed Him.
later they designed some tools and weapons used by the people in the stone ages using cereal boxes . 
I  was meaning to buy geoboard for a long time ,but didn't realise that i had two of them already when I bought the Right Start Maths set with manipulative,Alhamdilillah they really got involved and tried to make  different patterns with them even ds1 loved it . 

J made this using pipe cleaners .It's meant to be leaves with stem and flower pot at the bottom .

Soon after lunch they got to go out and play with their friends next door in the snow .

Alhamdulillah we finished about another great sahabhah from the Ansar .He carried the title "keeper of secrets of the messenger of Allah " He is Hudaifah al yaman .In summary he showed patience when his dearest father was killed by the Muslims by mistake during the battle of Uhud .In this upsetting situation he forgave the Muslims . secondly he  was trusted with holding secret of names of the munafikoon (hypocrites).His participation in the battle of the trench .As like  all the other sahabahs he lead a very simple life even after he was made the Governor of Persia subhanaAllah .
May  Allah help us all to be grateful for all His blessings Ameen

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