Thursday, 5 February 2009

Enjoying Snow

MashAllah ,Allah has put beauty and perfection in nature, be it plain white or vibrant colours .
As we have worked hard week before , I've let go off them with bare minimum .They are enjoying the snow and me too with them .

Dh couldn't move his car from the drive ,so had to call off work and work from home .The childern were all excited as it was different from the norm .They all dashed outside after their breakfast to make their snowman ...well a snowman  figure .

Using snow as an opportunity ,we read some facts about them.
We tried viewing  the snow patterns under the microscope ,due too much light out side and obviously freezing cold ,we didn't have the patience ...and didn't achieve much .
But what i found out was that we  could fossilize the snow .
we have collected the specimen ,but you have  to keep it in the freezer for a week have to wait for the result .

We made some paper snowflakes  ,specially as J loves cutting papers.M wasn't  keen at first ,but when he saw the result (the patterns ) he quickly got involved in it .
Even i got carried away at times .You can imagine the pile of  paper cutting around my house .It was worth it ,they loved making it .
we made these patterns ourselves ,later i found out that they have templates for these pattern, makes things easy a bit at

J commented to me that he would wish that it would snow all the  time ,but the weather being nice warm and comfortable for him  to play .So,i asked him where can we achieve that ...and he's reply was Jannah ..May Allah make  us enjoy the restricted joy of  this world and the limitless joy of the hereafter ..Ameen .


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