Friday, 16 January 2009


Hectic start of the day as I started  cleaning ,the people were coming to collect the sold goods . M after his Quran reading and breakfast prefers to read books for an hour. In the beginning I was reluctant to let him do this, because I felt that his mind would be fresher to do maths and other lessons  first thing in the morning. We were willing to try his way, to see if he would use his time productively and resume his daily tasks without a fuss . To my surprise he seems more alert and in fact faster in finishing his work . I suppose he likes that we respect his views and try his methods .

Today was a rewarding day  for M as he completed his salah chart . Alhamdulillah this method seems to motivate him, especially getting his weekly financial reward! I still have to remind  him but hey!! he is only 8!!!

M has been very much into this book  since dh got him a week ago . This morning he was practising how to make different types of knots . Today he mastered the Taut-line hitch which is the type of knot mostly used by mountain climbers and also used to tie down tent lines because it can be tightened and loosened quickly . He was proud  beause he had learnt something fiddly all by himself .

We discussed more on volcanoes as to the different phases they go through and some terminologies . More cutting ,writing ,colouring and gluing . J is more involved and enthusiastic Alhamdulillah .

They let off some steam by going to visit their friends and a quick visit to the library .

The children were promised that they would  get to watch a documentary today and stay up a bit late . We watched The Secret Life of the Elephants in BBC iplayer :

M has already launched unto his next project on Mammals for which he already created power point p all by himself .

This is a very interesting article which found to be useful in bringing up our children -click on it.

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