Saturday, 27 December 2008

Late start

Several sleepless nights due to children falling sick one by one through out the past 2 week has hit us hard  today's only weekend ,we need that break.
Dh being a doctor on-call and wanting to attend some Islamic conference in mosque was shuttling between work ,home (do some shopping )and mosque .I was glad that he was attending those lecture and teaching me .
Today I realised  that how much i have underestimated the  children.They  can be of great help around the house ,if we had enough  patience to teach them the skills .Normally they do the odd jobs of tidying their toys and their rooms ,but today i actually taught them how to wash dishes and put them away .They really enjoyed doing it (don't  know  how long its going to last). InshaAllah it is going to be  part of  our routine from now.
In the afternoon while ds1 and ds2 were as sleep M did he's project on Electricity.He is doing a PowerPoint pre. on electricity (we are almost near completion).Most of our projects that we did previously was in the lap book form ,this time we wanted to do it in a different way .Both M and I learnt a huge amount on the way.
Meanwhile J has shown interest in Volcanoes ,so we did some work on that ....eventually to make lap book .
The boys went out with my dh shopping . 
dh dropped the shopping and went off for the lectures while boys and ds1 helped me to put the shopping way ........unwrapping the cereal boxes and emptying them in to the cereal container .
once they had  finished ,they wanted me to make swords and shields with cereal 
 boxes ...couldn't possibly say no to it .    

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