Sunday, 28 December 2008

hey presto

At fajr time  ,I wake up to see my dh gone and found out that he had gone for the lectures at the mosque . I also found out today that little sweet heart ds1 knew how  to eat her breakfast all by her self Alhamdulillah saves me a  job .The  children had their  breakfast   as usual and we had a little talk  about" practise before you preach"  (which is very difficult with the  children ,because they are good at catching you out ) and also heard a lecture on the cd about  katheeb al anbiya....Shuaib (A.S) for as long as their concentration span can withstand (just few minutes).By that time ,dh was back and it was time for the boys to go for their football training for an hour .And that left me with ds1 and ds2.ds1 has a passion for this cartoon character charlie and lola. we bought charlie and lola magazine last week when we went for a walk so  i had the chance to  read it through  with her and did the activities in it .
Boys were  back from  football ,it was time for a good scrub along with their worst nightmare..............haircut .even if they don't have wild tantrums , they do moan all the way until i finish . quite pleased with their haircut .
Dh found out that the whole Islamic conference was telecasted live on the Internet .but he preferred going there in person .he  played hangman and chess with the children and it gave me  sometime  to have  a power nap(to recharge my battery).
all of us prayed Maghreb together ,though little j refused to join us and wanted  to pray on his own .With a bit of explanation of the reward, he agreed .
Then we tried to look up cars to buy in the middle east as we are going to move to in the spring .
It was not  much use ,Internet marketing hasn't caught on as much as  it is here .so I guess we have to go there and look .
Listened to the lecture as I  was cooking -one thing that really moved my heart was that -the shaikh said in his talk that  at the time of ignorance (jahilliyyah) the pregnant women would be taken by the wet nurse along with the husband  to the desert, when the  time gets closer to the time of delivery .When the wife was in labour the husband would move far far away from them waiting for the signal from the wet nurse .If the baby born was a boy she would lift the babyup  in the air and the  father would come running towards them .But if it was a girl , a hole would have been dug ready next to them and with no hesitation would be buried straight away .subhanaAllah ....subhanaAllah.  Alhamdulillah Allah has unconvered our veils and removed us from the depth of darkness by blessing us with this  beautiful religion of ours .This alone is a great success and liberation for those mothers(and women) who  were forced and oppressed to do this evil act done under the banner of pride and status .Allah Akbar. 
Anyways ,with all this happening J didn't know what to do and was nagging me.M was more in to shield and boomerang making so he was busy with that .After dinner M did the washing up and they all got ready to bed .I read them and they went Zzz................................

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