Monday, 29 December 2008

Crack the code

Alhamdulillah ,for another day .We quickly got on the tracks of our morning routines.We usually start with the boys reading Quran straight after their three BBC ( bed,brush and change).Some days are easier than the others .Then they read quran one after the other .Once they are done they straight head for breakfast .
By which time it gives me time to deal with the other two .
We mainly concentrate on the three R's for most part of the morning and anything else..project or lapbooks or even reading loud .......after.
Today the boys did the above said smoothly and got on with work and finished before time .
As dh is off work for two weeks ,the children are excited.
Dh challenged M few weeks ago that if he cracked the code of his work briefcase which was meddled with by J three years ago , He would reward him 5 pounds .M was fiddling with it today and bingo he had cracked it .He was over the moon .Then they wanted to go out to play .Whilst they were out ds1 and I were working the activities through her charlie and lola book,more cutting, gluing and sticking .........which she absolutely enjoyed .
Once the boys were back we did some review on the book i read them .It was one of dh's old book .It was about Abu Ayyoub Al Ansari ,in whose house our beloved Prophet stayed when he first went to Madinah .SubhaAllah ,it was a lesson for me let alone for the children . How tirelessly they worked for Islam ,May Allah give them the highest place in Jannah .
Then we tried to do a acrostic poem about volcanoes for J 's project .
Dh took the boys to the bank and to the library .They came home with ds1's favourite collection of Charlie and Lola books which I had reserved .She was really happy .
Ds2 took her daring step on the stairs which she had done for the first time ,encouraged by her big sister ds1.

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