Tuesday, 30 December 2008


M found the maths a bit challenging and struggled a bit .Looks like he requires  a lot of  re enforcement .As we spent a fair amount of time  on that ,we decided to do recount of the story that i read to him  before (abu ayyoub al Ansari).This is the idea I learnt from a good friend of mine .Does work .First i read the story to them ,then we  discussed it and finally to make it really sink in ,we put pen to paper with a bit of illustration .The idea behind is  eventually  to make him  write the whole recount by himself without any prompting .

Recently I've been taking the Arabic as a subject quite seriously .Before we used to do the odd bits and bobs .But even then they  showed  huge interest in  it .So for  now we are going  through the vocabulary " ingredients of the cake" (that's something   I came across on the internet).They have  completed it this week Alhamdulilah .
Next I would like to focus on the vocabulary  "The animals from the quran".And more relevant words from the Quran.

Then  they helped me  with lunch ....and went off  to play outside in their bikes .
whilst the girls were  asleep ,I left them with dh who was sorting out  his tax returns .And I took the boys to their friend's .

All the excitement begun when they were just about to sleep ......someone rings to enquire about our bed which we put for sale .Soon the man  arrived ,interested in item and takes it away .......children watching all the commotions .Now ....they wanted to  sleep in our mattress on the floor ,as they  found it EXCITING
so.. we are kicked out     hmmmmmmmmmm...................................

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