Thursday, 1 January 2009

Maths can be fun!!!

Quiet  start 
After  quick and short lessons, M had to go for his football training today.He came home pleased that he was  man of the match .J couldn't go for it as he was having cough and cold .J continued working .While M was away J and I with help of little ds1 prepared a fun trail for M .
I wanted to do something different to the norm.Doing maths in a work book or worksheet can be boring for the children at times.So, while I cut them to strips from the sheet J and ds1 went around the house sticking them .

The aim  is  to do the maths mentally and look for the answers on the other strip, then read the question on that and carry on until you come back to where you started.M really enjoyed it and started  straight away as soon as he entered the house and noticed them .

I got this idea from

I prepared for the next lapbook that we are going to make on volcanoes ....printing .
Then I read some  information about volcanoes to them- today it was about Paricutin, a volcano in Mexico 1943-1952. We discussed the damage  caused by the volcano and it's consequences on the people and the surroundings .
The next sahaba that we have started to read is about Ummaiyr ibn sa'd Al Ansari  who  was an orphan and entered in to the fold of Islam in his tender age of 10,SubhanAllah.

As a bed time routine we read them books  ,at the moment i am reading The Mysteries collection by Enid Blyton . Next I am going to try reading Sherlock Homes as M and J like detective stories.

Little ds2 decided to help us sort through the books as we were boxing them .Censoring the books with a critical eye of disapproval .........I  am  trying hard  to understand mummy!!!!

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