Friday, 2 January 2009

Review of the week

Since dh is off work ,the boys got to go for the juma'h  Alhamdulillah.
Most of my day was occupied in cleaning and scrubbing . 

Apart from the academic side of things  this week ,I  encouraged the children to do some  household chores .M  and J surprised me  by agreeing to wash up the dishes and actually doing it through out the  week. M washes up after dinner and J does it after breakfast,and they enjoyed doing it .

InshaAllah the other routine we wanted to establish was salah(prayer)for M.So we  came up with this idea of ticking the chart each time he prayed  and he would be rewarded at the  end of week (Friday) a pound  .I got the print out off the net and laminated it and hang it in the hall way so that I and dh can  keep an eye on it ,and remind him in case he forgot to pray.

 MashaAllah as you can see he has achieved it this week .Since the print out is in Arabic ,he has learnt the names of the days in Arabic Alhamdulillah .

The plight of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine brings tears to my heart .May Allah strength their heart and  establish their feet firmly  in eeman .May Allah unite them together and give them victory in this life and the next Ameen.

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