Saturday, 3 January 2009

Love is where the heart is

We started our journey which was 1 1/2 hrs drive .We ended up with a number of interesting discussions stimulated by dh about Allah 's love for us that was immense and uncountable  .So the discussion stirred as to how to measure the unit of love ......lovometer ,rose power etc.And that lead J to question ,if the love for someone was from the heart or brain .He was strongly convinced that it was through the heart ,but he could not explain .M was convinced that it was through the mind .So it almost turned it to a debate reflecting their personality. 

Then we finally arrived ,the children ran around in excitement meeting their cousins .I only saw them for dinner and sleep time ...gave me break at least.
Their cousin finished reading Quran ,which is  great achievement Alhamdulillah .

MMmmmmm........time  to eat .The children enjoyed it .I
let them loose today to sleep in their own time (past nine),had their so called mid night feast .

SubhanaAllah when I see children playing  carefree without worries or  in fear ,it aches my heart to think about the children in Gaza who are wrapped up under their mother's tender arms knowing not what will happen next .Lets us all pray to Allah to ease their   situation and bring tranquility in their life  ,Ameen. 

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