Tuesday, 6 January 2009

life moves on.........

Over the weekend ,I became ill with flu and fever and completely knocked out .
But the children had a nice time with their cousins.
Dh  even  managed  to make  a bonfire with the children .  

The children went out with my in laws to have more fun with other friends as they were invited for dinner.


We usually start on the Sunday evening to get home ,but since dh also fell sick ,we had to change our schedule .Finally arrived home around mid morning .I was in bed for the most of the day .
The children were allowed to play in snow ,they had a wonderful time making snowman with their next door friend .They played outside most of the time ,as we don't have snow so often .


Then M and J spend their time reading Horrid Henry's 2009 given to them by their aunt. It has lots of riddles, facts ,experiments,tricks ........etc.

The rountine of the perious week has payed off ,as  boys did the washing up .M makes us tea as and when  need Alhamdulillah 

Iam very anxious and concerned about the people of Gaza who are undergoing hardship and misery by losing thier dear and loved ones SubhanAllah .May Allah pour down upon them mercy and peace ,Ameen .

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