Thursday, 8 January 2009


Things are moving faster than we thought .As we are going to be moving to the middle east
we put many things on sale and people are showing  great interest .
The house is a complete tip, as many things  are going on ...throwing ,boxing ,sorting........etc.

The boys got on with their work in the morning .As for lunch they made their own self designed pizza .They enjoyed tucking in and topping them .

They helped dh to put stuff in the dump yard.

We are at present reading about another sahabah ,Umayr bin sa'd who was young boy who was an orphan .He grew up with his mother and his stepfather who dearly loved him .Umayr  was heart broken to find out that his stepfather was a munafiq.And Umayr played his part in saving his father from the great torment. 
M learnt how to put up a real tent in his scouts ,as they are planning to go for  camping at the end of this month    InshaAllah .     

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